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Los Andes Del Sueño

Digital_Me presents:

This journey began with a random record about 20 years ago, and it became an obsession for exploring traditional sounds from Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Chile, Venezuela and the region - the flutes, the shouts, the charangos, the grooves and the rhythm breaks. The end result is a soundtrack/ mixtape/ trip of pitched-down traditional Andean music, two hours of edits from dozens of records. The dream of "The Andes from the Dream" begins quietly, almost meditatively, and slowly increases. This project is made up of six parts, each with its own atmosphere, depending on the time of day: a gentle ambient dawn; an easy and slow morning; an open-air walk at noon; an airy farewell to the sun afternoon; people gather around to drink and be happy at the evening; and finally, the end of the night that summons a wild tribal experience with echoes from the day that passed. Over the next year, the whole project will be released for free listening, starting with the first two parts at the end of the month. Alternatively, the entire project is available for purchase on Bandcamp. Digital_Me released his first EP in 2003. Throughout his career he touched a wide range of genres, including Jungle, Hip-Hop, Ambient and Psychedelia, walked around with his ES-X1 Korg sampler at hot parties around Israel and Europe, and even threw an unforgettable performance at Boiler Room. After (another) break of 5 years, he returns with a timeless trip, a tribute to a rich musical tradition.


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