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Studio Works

Ignore The Needs (2008)

(Audio Montage)

On his debut concept album, D_M pushes the limits of filthy cut & paste Trip Hop in 8 different styles

Bike Rider (2013)

A cut & paste musical stream of conscience journey in Tel Aviv in 4 parts

The Accordion EP (2009)

(Bird Song\ Audio Montage)

3 experiments with an accordion and a sampler. Live gritty ambient

AP:MP EP (2007)

(Bird Song)

Air Plane Mashed Potatoes is a mish mash of Punk, Broken Beats, Braindance and whatever comes to hand

P.A.I.N (2010)

Bitter Jews are Digital_Me and Haim Vitaly Cohen. Their music is slow, deep, melodic, abstract and massive, and allways live

Audio Montage All Stars (2011)

(Kol Hacampus\ Audio Montage)

A short-live super group. Members: Digital_Me, Radiotrip, Markey Funk, Kip, Maya Dunietz, Kutiman, Sefi Ramirez, Tavor Ben Dor and Yaron Ouzana

Sambusak 2005 (2006)


Acoustic psychadelic freindly jam in space and out of time

Fan Trick (2005)


a short-live alt-pop trio. Members: Digital_Me, Yftah Dor, Zohar Karp

Hea! (2004)


Early experiemetns with Korg ES1 sampler, Mic and minor computer edits

The Closet EP (2007)


Recorded in 2004 on Impulse Tracker

Drum & Stuff (2003)


The first EP published. File Under IDM, D&B and Massive Mess

The Denied Years (2004)


Various early projects

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