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Digital_Me Discography

Scroll down through the musical history of Digital_Me: Albums, EPs, mixtapes and compilations.
Band names are marked like this, and unreleased projects are marked like this. Click the                   buttons for streaming, videos and other links. For live recordings scroll to the bottom or click here.

Revelations (2018)

Experimental psychedelic Hebrew Hip Hop. Cut, Paste and RAP.

Bike Rider (2013)

A cut & paste musical stream of conscience journey in Tel Aviv.

Audio Montage All Stars (2011)

(Kol Hacampus\ Audio Montage)

Audio Montage All Stars was a short-live super group. Members: Digital_Me, Radiotrip, Markey Funk, Kip, Maya Dunietz, Kutiman, Sefi Ramirez, Tavor Ben Dor and Yaron Ouzana

P.A.I.N (2010)

Bitter Jews are Digital_Me and Haim Vitaly Cohen. Their music is slow, deep, melodic, abstract and massive, and allways live

The Accordion EP (2009)

(Bird Song\ Audio Montage)

3 experiments with an accordion and a sampler. Live gritty ambient

Mesiba Israelit (2008)

8 live cut & paste manipulations based on Israeli pop songs

Ignore The Needs (2008)

(Audio Montage)

On his debut concept album, D_M pushes the limits of filthy cut & paste Trip Hop in 8 different styles. Press the cover photo on the left for a special page.

AP:MP EP (2007)

(Bird Song)

Air Plane Mashed Potatoes is a mish mash of Punk, Broken Beats, Braindance and whatever comes to hand

Sambusak 2005 (2006)


Sambusak 2005 is an Acoustic psychadelic freindly jam in space and out of time

Fan Trick (2005)


Fan Trick was a short-live alt-pop trio. Members: Digital_Me, Yftah Dor, Zohar Karp

Hea! (2004)


Early experiemetns with a Korg ES1 sampler, a Mic, minor computer edits and a lot of friends

Kalzone In Space (2004) 

(Unfinished abandond project)

what what what

The Closet EP (Programmed, edited and recorded in 2003. Released in 2007 by Ak-Duck)

Recorded in 2004 on Impulse Tracker

Drum & Stuff (2003)


The first EP published. File Under IDM, D&B and Massive Mess

Telemaatak (2003-2004)


Telemaatak were 2 small E-S1 Korg samplers, controlled by Binom Newton and Digital_me. sometimes a mic is involved. A short-live Abstract Hip Hop and Electronics duo, with small amount of unreleased recordings.

The Solipsist (2002)


My brother thinks this is my best album.
A blend of lo-fi recordings sequenced on Impulse Tracker, influenced from various musical discoveries of my late teens. Unreleased, yet a few tracks (out of 16 total) appeared on Drum & Stuff (Ak-Duck, 2003), and Early Tapes Experimetns (a special compilation made for a guest article in blog, 2011). 

Self Titled (2000)


First try of sequencing self recorded lo-fi sounds. Some of the tracks can be found on "The Denied Years" CD (Kalzone, 2004) among tracks from other early projects.


Live Recordings

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